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Partners of 
Chloe Madeley
Chloe Madeley

Partners of 
Chloe Madeley

James Haskell


relationship began Oct 2014

Danny Young


relationship began 2013
until 2014

Chloe Madeley Bio Details

Full name

Chloe Madeley





Date of birth

13 Jul 1987

Birth place

Manchester, UK


TV Presenter


Chloe Madeley Siblings

Dan Henshaw


other parent: David Henshaw

Tom Henshaw


other parent: David Henshaw

Jack Madeley


TV Presenters Richard and Judy's daughter
Chloe Madeley

Chloe Madeley




13 Jul 1987

Chloe Madeley Family

Chloe Madeley's parents:

Chloe Madeley's father is Richard Madeley Chloe Madeley's mother is Judy Finnigan

Chloe Madeley's former step-parents:

Chloe Madeley's former step-mother is Lynda Madeley Chloe Madeley's former step-father is David Henshaw

Chloe Madeley's current partners:

Chloe Madeley has a relationship with James Haskell

Chloe Madeley's former partners:

Chloe Madeley had a relationship with Danny Young

Chloe Madeley's siblings:

Chloe Madeley's half-brother is Dan Henshaw Chloe Madeley's half-brother is Tom Henshaw Chloe Madeley's brother is Jack Madeley

Chloe Madeley's nieces and nephews:

Chloe Madeley's niece is Ivy Henshaw

Chloe Madeley's grandparents:

Chloe Madeley's grandfather was Christopher Madeley Chloe Madeley's grandmother is Mary Madeley

Chloe Madeley's great grandparents:

Chloe Madeley's great grandfather is Hector MacEwan Chloe Madeley's great grandmother is Barbara MacEwan Chloe Madeley's great grandfather was Geoffrey Madeley Chloe Madeley's great grandmother was Kitty Madeley   Chloe Madeley's great great grandmother was Mary Alvenia Murdock Chloe Madeley's great great grandfather was Henry Madeley Chloe Madeley's great great grandmother was Hanna Madeley   Chloe Madeley's 3x great grandfather was John Murdock

Chloe Madeley's uncles and aunts:

Chloe Madeley's aunt is Elizabeth Madeley

Chloe Madeley's great uncles and aunts:

Chloe Madeley's great uncle is James Madeley

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