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Eric Benet
Partners of 
Eric Benet

R&B Singer and Halle Berry's ex husband
Eric Benet

Eric Benet Jordan




15 Oct 1966

Eric Benet Bio Details

Full name

Eric Benet Jordan





Date of birth

15 Oct 1966


Singer & Recording Artist

Eric Benet Siblings

Lisa Jordan


Partners of 
Eric Benet

Manuela Testonlini


2 children together

31 Jul 2011

Halle Berry


married 2001
divorce 2005

Tami Marie Stauff


1 child together

relationship began before 1990

Eric Benet Children

Eric Benet Partner(s) Other Children

India Benet

born 1991, age 26 (approx.)
with Tami Marie Stauff

Lucia Benet

born 2011, age 5
with Manuela Testonlini

Amoura Benet

born 2014, age 2
with Manuela Testonlini

Eric Benet Family

Eric Benet's parents:

Eric Benet's father is Lawrence Jordan Eric Benet's mother is Joyce Jordan

Eric Benet's children:

Eric Benet's daughter is India Benet Eric Benet's daughter is Lucia Benet Eric Benet's daughter is Amoura Benet

Eric Benet's current partners:

Eric Benet's wife is Manuela Testonlini

Eric Benet's former partners:

Eric Benet's former wife is Halle Berry Eric Benet had a relationship with Tami Marie Stauff

Eric Benet's siblings:

Eric Benet's sister is Lisa Jordan

Eric Benet's in laws:

Eric Benet's sister in law is Daniela Dykeman Eric Benet's brother in law-by-marriage is Michael Dykeman

Eric Benet's former in laws:

Eric Benet's former father in law is Jerome Berry Eric Benet's former mother in law is Judith Berry Eric Benet's former sister in law is Heidi Berry-Henderson