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Partner of 
Mary Keppel
Mary Keppel

Partners of 
Mary Keppel

Edward Keppel


1 child together

14 Dec 1875

Mary Keppel Bio Details

Full name

Mary Cecilia Georgiana Keppel

Maiden name

Mary Cecilia Georgiana King



Mary Keppel

Mary Cecilia Georgiana Keppel

Mary Keppel Partner(s) Other Children

Mary Keppel Children

Evelyn Anson

with Edward Keppel

Mary Keppel Family

Mary Keppel's children:

Mary Keppel's daughter is Evelyn Anson

Mary Keppel's current partners:

Mary Keppel's husband was Edward Keppel

Mary Keppel's grandchildren:

Mary Keppel's grandson was Thomas Anson, Viscount Anson Mary Keppel's granddaughter is Betty Anson Mary Keppel's grandson was Edward Anson Mary Keppel's granddaughter was Cecilia Wiggin

Mary Keppel's great grandchildren:

Mary Keppel's great grandson is Patrick Lichfield, Lord Lichfield Mary Keppel's great granddaughter is Lady Elizabeth Anson Mary Keppel's great grandson was Sir Charles Wiggin, 5th Bt Mary Keppel's great grandson is Benjamin Wiggin   Mary Keppel's great great granddaughter is Lady Eloise Anson

Mary Keppel's in laws:

Mary Keppel's father in law was William Keppel Mary Keppel's mother in law was Frances Keppel Mary Keppel's grandfather in law was Frederick Keppel Mary Keppel's grandmother in law was Louisa Keppel Mary Keppel's son in law was Thomas Anson, 4th Earl of Lichfield