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Partner of 
Tana Ramsay
Tana Ramsay

Partners of 
Tana Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay OBE


4 children together


Tana Ramsay Bio Details

Full name

Cayetana Elizabeth Ramsay

Maiden name

Tana Hutcheson




42 (approx.)

Date of birth

Aug 1974

Gordon Ramsay's Wife
Tana Ramsay

Cayetana Elizabeth Ramsay


42 (approx.)


Aug 1974

Tana Ramsay Partner(s) Other Children

Tana Ramsay Children

Megan Ramsay

born 1998, age 19 (approx.)
with Gordon Ramsay OBE

Jack Ramsay

born 2000, age 17 (approx.)
with Gordon Ramsay OBE

Holly Ramsay

born 2000, age 17 (approx.)
with Gordon Ramsay OBE

Matilda Ramsay

born 2002, age 15 (approx.)
with Gordon Ramsay OBE

Tana Ramsay Family

Tana Ramsay's parents:

Tana Ramsay's father is Chris Hutcheson Tana Ramsay's mother is Greta Hutcheson

Tana Ramsay's children:

Tana Ramsay's daughter is Megan Ramsay Tana Ramsay's son is Jack Ramsay Tana Ramsay's daughter is Holly Ramsay Tana Ramsay's daughter is Matilda Ramsay

Tana Ramsay's current partners:

Tana Ramsay's husband is Gordon Ramsay OBE

Tana Ramsay's in laws:

Tana Ramsay's father in law was Gordon Ramsay Snr Tana Ramsay's mother in law is Helen Cosgrove Tana Ramsay's step-father in law is Jimmy Cosgrove Tana Ramsay's step-mother in law is Anne Ramsay Tana Ramsay's sister in law is Diane Ramsay Tana Ramsay's brother in law is Ronnie Ramsay Tana Ramsay's sister in law is Yvonne Ramsay

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