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Partners of 
Kim Mathers
Kim Mathers

Partners of 
Kim Mathers


Divorced for second time having remarried

married the second time from 2006
divorced again, from 2006

Kim Mathers Bio Details

Full name

Kimberly Mathers

Maiden name

Kim Scott



Kim Mathers Partner(s) Other Children

Kim Mathers Children

Hailie Scott-Mathers

born 1995, age 21
with Eminem

Eminem's Daughter

Kim Mathers Family

Kim Mathers's children:

Kim Mathers's daughter is Hailie Scott-Mathers

Kim Mathers's former partners:

Kim Mathers's former husband is Eminem

Kim Mathers's former in laws:

Kim Mathers's former father in law is Marshall Mathers II Kim Mathers's former mother in law is Debbie Mathers-Briggs Kim Mathers's former grandmother in law is Betty Kresin Kim Mathers's former half-brother in law is Nathan Samara Kim Mathers's former husband Eminem's uncle in law was Todd Nelson Kim Mathers's former husband Eminem's uncle in law was Ronnie Polkingham