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Partners of 
Lynsey De Paul
Lynsey De Paul

Partners of 
Lynsey De Paul

Lynsey De Paul
Bio Details

Full name

Lynsey Monckton Rubin





Date of birth

Friday 11 Jun 1948

Date of death:

1 Oct 2014

Cause of death

Brain Haemorrhage


Singer-Songwriter (1972)

Actress (1982)

TV Host (1990)


South Hempstead High School, London, England, United Kingdom

Hornsey Art College, London, England, United Kingdom

Lynsey's Manager was Don Arden and her road manager was Don Arden's daughter, Sharon Osbourne. They famously fell out in the 1970's and parted company.
De Paul's father, Herbert Rubin, was an abusive man, and after suffering from concussion after one attack when she was 19 De Paul resolved to save enough money to leave for good.  She changed her name to distance herself from her family.

Lynsey De Paul Siblings

John Rubin


Singer Songwriter
Lynsey De Paul

Lynsey Monckton Rubin




Friday 11 Jun 1948


1 Oct 2014


Lynsey De Paul Family

Lynsey De Paul's parents:

Lynsey De Paul's father is Herbert Rubin Lynsey De Paul's mother is Meta Rubin

Lynsey De Paul's former partners:

Lynsey De Paul dated Ringo Starr Lynsey De Paul dated George Best Lynsey De Paul dated Sir Sean Connery Lynsey De Paul dated Dudley Moore CBE Lynsey De Paul dated Dodi Al Fayed Lynsey De Paul dated James Coburn

Lynsey De Paul's siblings:

Lynsey De Paul's brother is John Rubin

Lynsey De Paul's nieces and nephews:

Lynsey De Paul's niece is Olivia Rubin Lynsey De Paul's niece is Gemma Rubin Lynsey De Paul's niece is Clara Rubin

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