Gareth Hunt Bio Details

Full name

Alan Leonard Hunt





Date of birth

7 Feb 1942

Birth place

Battersea, London, England, UK

Date of death:

14 Mar 2007

Place of death

Redhill, Surrey, England, UK

Is frequently said to be the nephew of Marita Hunt who was famous for playing Miss Faversham. This may not be true. Marita's father was called Alfred Hunt whilst Gareth's paternal grandfather was William Hunt.

Relationship History

Amanda Hunt


1 child together

May 1996

Annette Walter-Lax


1 child together

marriage about May 1980
divorce 1987

Carrie Bayliss


relationship began circa 1972
until circa 1977

Carole  Hunt


1 child together

marriage about Aug 1962
divorce before 1972

Gareth Hunt Children

Gareth Hunt


Gareth Hunt

with Carole Hunt

Oliver Hunt


Oliver Hunt

with Annette Walter-Lax

Jason Hunt


Jason Hunt

with Amanda Hunt

Gareth Hunt Family

Gareth Hunt's parents:

Gareth Hunt's father was Leonard Hunt Gareth Hunt's mother is Doris Howard Gareth Hunt's step-father is James Howard

Gareth Hunt's children:

Gareth Hunt's son is Gareth Hunt Gareth Hunt's son is Oliver Hunt Gareth Hunt's son is Jason Hunt

Gareth Hunt's current partners:

Gareth Hunt's wife was Amanda Hunt

Gareth Hunt's former partners:

Gareth Hunt's former wife is Annette Walter-Lax Gareth Hunt had a relationship with Carrie Bayliss Gareth Hunt's former wife is Carole Hunt