Daniel Wiggin Bio Details

Full name

Daniel Mark Wiggin





Date of birth

21 Jan 1964


British Army Officer


Eton College, Windsor, Berkshire, England, United Kingdom

Was in the Coldstream Guards.
A friend of Charles Spencer, brother of the Princess of Wales.

Relationship History

Simone Wiggin


3 Aug 1996

Princess Diana
Princess of Wales

Alleged Romance

alleged romance from about 1978
until about 1978

Daniel Wiggin Siblings

Sir Charles Wiggin, 5th Bt


other parent: Cecilia Wiggin

Benjamin Wiggin


other parent: Cecilia Wiggin

Jeremy Wiggins


Daniel Wiggin Family

Daniel Wiggin's parents:

Daniel Wiggin's father is Sir John Wiggin, 4th Bt Daniel Wiggin's mother is Sarah Wiggin

Daniel Wiggin's former step-parents:

Daniel Wiggin's former step-mother was Cecilia Wiggin

Daniel Wiggin's current partners:

Daniel Wiggin's wife is Simone Wiggin

Daniel Wiggin's former partners:

Daniel Wiggin allegedly had a romance with Princess Diana Princess of Wales

Daniel Wiggin's siblings:

Daniel Wiggin's half-brother was Sir Charles Wiggin, 5th Bt Daniel Wiggin's half-brother is Benjamin Wiggin Daniel Wiggin's brother is Jeremy Wiggins

Daniel Wiggin's grandparents:

Daniel Wiggin's grandfather is Brig Stewart Forster Daniel Wiggin's grandfather is Sir Charles Wiggin, 3rd Bt Daniel Wiggin's grandmother is Mabel Wiggin

Daniel Wiggin's former step-grandparents:

Daniel Wiggin's former step-grandfather was Thomas Anson, 4th Earl of Lichfield Daniel Wiggin's former step-grandmother is Evelyn Anson