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Daniel Wiggin
Partners of 
Daniel Wiggin

Daniel Wiggin

Daniel Mark Wiggin




21 Jan 1964

Daniel Wiggin Bio Details

Full name

Daniel Mark Wiggin





Date of birth

21 Jan 1964


British Army Officer


Eton College, Windsor, Berkshire, England, United Kingdom

Was in the Coldstream Guards.
A friend of Charles Spencer, brother of the Princess of Wales.

Daniel Wiggin Siblings

Sir Charles Wiggin, 5th Bt


other parent: Cecilia Wiggin

Benjamin Wiggin


other parent: Cecilia Wiggin

Jeremy Wiggins


Partners of 
Daniel Wiggin

Simone Wiggin


3 Aug 1996

Princess Diana
Princess of Wales

Alleged Romance

alleged romance from about 1978
until about 1978

Daniel Wiggin Family

Daniel Wiggin's parents:

Daniel Wiggin's father is Sir John Wiggin, 4th Bt Daniel Wiggin's mother is Sarah Wiggin

Daniel Wiggin's former step-parents:

Daniel Wiggin's former step-mother was Cecilia Wiggin

Daniel Wiggin's current partners:

Daniel Wiggin's wife is Simone Wiggin

Daniel Wiggin's former partners:

Daniel Wiggin allegedly had a romance with Princess Diana Princess of Wales

Daniel Wiggin's siblings:

Daniel Wiggin's half-brother was Sir Charles Wiggin, 5th Bt Daniel Wiggin's half-brother is Benjamin Wiggin Daniel Wiggin's brother is Jeremy Wiggins

Daniel Wiggin's grandparents:

Daniel Wiggin's grandfather is Brig Stewart Forster Daniel Wiggin's grandfather is Sir Charles Wiggin, 3rd Bt Daniel Wiggin's grandmother is Mabel Wiggin

Daniel Wiggin's former step-grandparents:

Daniel Wiggin's former step-grandfather was Thomas Anson, 4th Earl of Lichfield Daniel Wiggin's former step-grandmother is Evelyn Anson