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Partners of 
Sylvette David
Sylvette David

Partners of 
Sylvette David

Rawdon Corbett


2 children together

married 1970
divorce about 1979



1 child together

affair from about 1962

Toby Jellinek


married 1956
divorce 1960

Sylvette David Bio Details

Full name

Sylvette David

Also known as

Lydia Corbett

Picasso's Girl With A Pony Tail

Lydia Sylvette Jellinek





Date of birth

14 Nov 1934

Birth place

Paris, France




Summerhill Boarding School, Suffolk, United Kingdom

Age 36 officially changed her name to Lydia Corbett.
Posed for more than 40 paintings with Picasso as The Girl with a Ponytail.
Brigitte Bardot copied Sylvette's hairstyle.

Sylvette David Siblings

Leonard David


Famous muse of Picasso in 1954
Sylvette David

Sylvette David




14 Nov 1934

Sylvette David Partner(s) Other Children

Sylvette David Children

Isabel Coulton

born 1963, age 54 (approx.)
with Unknown

Alice Dallaglio

born 1972, age 44
with Rawdon Corbett

Laurence Rawdon

born 1976, age 41 (approx.)
with Rawdon Corbett

Sylvette David Family

Sylvette David's parents:

Sylvette David's father was Emmanuel David Sylvette David's mother is Honor Gell

Sylvette David's children:

Sylvette David's daughter is Isabel Coulton Sylvette David's daughter is Alice Dallaglio Sylvette David's son is Laurence Rawdon

Sylvette David's former partners:

Sylvette David's former husband is Rawdon Corbett Sylvette David's former husband is Toby Jellinek

Sylvette David's siblings:

Sylvette David's brother is Leonard David

Sylvette David's grandchildren:

Sylvette David's grandchild is Ella Dallaglio Sylvette David's granddaughter is Josie Dallaglio Sylvette David's grandson is Louise Dallaglio

Sylvette David's in laws:

Sylvette David's son in law is Lawrence Dallaglio