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Partners of 
Nena Thurman
Nena Thurman

Partners of 
Nena Thurman

Robert Thurman


4 children together


Timothy Leary


married 1964
divorce 1965

Nena Thurman
Bio Details

Full name

Birgitte Caroline Thurman

Maiden name

Birgitte Caroline Von Schlebrugge





Date of birth

Wednesday 08 Jan 1941

Birth place

Mexico City, Mexico



Model (1950 (ca.))

Nena Thurman

Birgitte Caroline Thurman




Wednesday 08 Jan 1941

Nena Thurman Partner(s) Other Children

Nena Thurman Children

Ganden Thurman

born 1968, age 49 (approx.)
with Robert Thurman

Uma Thurman

born 1970, age 47
with Robert Thurman

Hollywood Star

Dechan Thurman

born 1973, age 44 (approx.)
with Robert Thurman

Mipam Thurman

born 1978, age 39 (approx.)
with Robert Thurman

Taya Thurman

step-child with Robert Thurman

Uma Thurman's Half Sister & Mother of Artist Dash Snow


Nena Thurman Family

Nena Thurman's parents:

Nena Thurman's father was Baron Karl von Schlebrugge Nena Thurman's mother was Birgit Holmquist

Nena Thurman's children:

Nena Thurman's daughter is Uma Thurman Nena Thurman's son is Ganden Thurman Nena Thurman's son is Dechan Thurman Nena Thurman's son is Mipam Thurman Nena Thurman's step-daughter is Taya Thurman

Nena Thurman's current partners:

Nena Thurman's husband is Robert Thurman

Nena Thurman's former partners:

Nena Thurman's former husband was Timothy Leary

Nena Thurman's grandchildren:

Nena Thurman's granddaughter was Maya Hawke Nena Thurman's grandson is Levon Hawke Nena Thurman's granddaughter is Luna Busson

Nena Thurman's in laws:

Nena Thurman's father in law was Beverley Reid Thurman Nena Thurman's mother in law was Elizabeth Dean Farrar Nena Thurman's grandfather in law is Preston C Farrar Nena Thurman's grandmother in law was Edna Patterson Farrar

Nena Thurman's former in laws:

Nena Thurman's former son in law is Ethan Hawke Nena Thurman's former son in law is Gary Oldman Nena Thurman's former father in law is Tote Leary Nena Thurman's former mother in law is Abigail Leary