Barry Rogers Bio Details

Full name

Barry Rogers



Barry Rogers

Father of US TV Actress Portia De Rossi
Barry Rogers

Relationship History

Margaret Rogers


2 children together

Barry Rogers Children

Michael Rogers


Michael Rogers

with Margaret Rogers

Older Brother of TV Actress Portia De Rossi

Portia De Rossi


Portia De Rossi

with Margaret Rogers

Ally McBeal's Nelle Porter

Barry Rogers Family

Barry Rogers's children:

Barry Rogers's daughter is Portia De Rossi Barry Rogers's son is Michael Rogers

Barry Rogers's current partners:

Barry Rogers's wife is Margaret Rogers

Barry Rogers's in laws:

Barry Rogers's daughter in law is Ellen DeGeneres

Barry Rogers's former in laws:

Barry Rogers's former daughter in law is Renee Kappos Barry Rogers's former son in law is Mel Metcalfe