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Tom Major-Ball
Partners of 
Tom Major-Ball

Tom Major-Ball

Abraham Thomas Ball


-6261 days


18 May 1979


27 Mar 1962

Tom Major-Ball Bio Details

Full name

Abraham Thomas Ball




-6261 days

Date of birth

18 May 1979

Birth place

Bloxwich, Staffordshire, England, UK

Date of death:

27 Mar 1962

Partners of 
Tom Major-Ball

Gwendolyn Major-Ball


3 children together

May 1929

Alice Frankland


1 child together

affair from about 1923
until about 1923

Kitty Ball


May 1910

Marie Santoi


1 child together

Tom Major-Ball Children

Tom Major-Ball Partner(s) Other Children

Tom F Moss

born 1900, age 110 (presumed dead)
with Marie Santoi

Kathleen Lemon

born 1923, age 93 (approx.)
with Alice Frankland

Patricia Dessoy

born 1930, age 86 (approx.)
with Gwendolyn Major-Ball

Terry Major-Ball

born 1932, died 2007, age 74
with Gwendolyn Major-Ball

Sir John Major

born 1943, age 74
with Gwendolyn Major-Ball

British Prime Minister 28th Nov 1990 - 2nd May 1997

Tom Major-Ball Family

Tom Major-Ball's parents:

Tom Major-Ball's father is Abraham Ball Tom Major-Ball's mother is Sarah Ann Marrah

Tom Major-Ball's children:

Tom Major-Ball's son is Sir John Major Tom Major-Ball's son was Tom F Moss Tom Major-Ball's daughter is Kathleen Lemon Tom Major-Ball's daughter is Patricia Dessoy Tom Major-Ball's son was Terry Major-Ball

Tom Major-Ball's current partners:

Tom Major-Ball's wife was Gwendolyn Major-Ball Tom Major-Ball's wife was Kitty Ball Tom Major-Ball had a relationship with Marie Santoi

Tom Major-Ball's former partners:

Tom Major-Ball had an affair with Alice Frankland

Tom Major-Ball's grandchildren:

Tom Major-Ball's granddaughter is Elizabeth Salter Tom Major-Ball's grandson is James Major

Tom Major-Ball's great grandchildren:

Tom Major-Ball's great grandson is Harry Major

Tom Major-Ball's in laws:

Tom Major-Ball's daughter in law is Dame Norma Major