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Pat Nixon
Pat Nixon

Partners of 
Pat Nixon

President Richard Nixon


2 children together

21 Jun 1940

Pat Nixon
Bio Details

Full name

Thelma Catherine Nixon

Maiden name

Thelma Catherine Ryan





Date of birth

Saturday 16 Mar 1912

Birth place

Ely, Nevada, USA

Date of death:

22 Jun 1993

Place of death

Park Ridge, New Jersey, USA

Cause of death

Lung Cancer



First Lady Of The United States (1969 - 1974)


University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles, California, United States (Finished 1937)

Excelsior High School, California, United States

Fullerton Junior College, California, United States

Pat Nixon Siblings

Matthew Bender


other parent: Matthew Bender

Neva Renter


other parent: Matthew Bender

William Ryan


Thomas Ryan


First Lady of the United States of America
20th Jan 1969 - 20th Jan 1974
Pat Nixon

Thelma Catherine Nixon




Saturday 16 Mar 1912


22 Jun 1993

Pat Nixon Partner(s) Other Children

Pat Nixon Children

Tricia Cox

born 1946, age 71
with President Richard Nixon

Julie Eisenhower

born 1948, age 69
with President Richard Nixon


Pat Nixon Family

Pat Nixon's parents:

Pat Nixon's father was William Ryan Sr Pat Nixon's mother was Kate Ryan Pat Nixon's step-father was Matthew Bender

Pat Nixon's children:

Pat Nixon's daughter is Tricia Cox Pat Nixon's daughter is Julie Eisenhower

Pat Nixon's current partners:

Pat Nixon's husband was President Richard Nixon

Pat Nixon's siblings:

Pat Nixon's half-brother is Matthew Bender Pat Nixon's half-sister is Neva Renter Pat Nixon's brother was William Ryan Pat Nixon's brother was Thomas Ryan

Pat Nixon's grandchildren:

Pat Nixon's grandson is Christopher Cox Pat Nixon's granddaughter is Jennie Eisenhower Pat Nixon's grandson is Alex Eisenhower Pat Nixon's granddaughter is Melanie Eisenhower

Pat Nixon's great grandchildren:

Pat Nixon's great granddaughter is Chloe Anne Cheslock

Pat Nixon's in laws:

Pat Nixon's father in law was Frank Nixon Pat Nixon's mother in law was Hannah Nixon Pat Nixon's step-mother in law was Lutheria Marshburn Pat Nixon's grandfather in law was Samuel Nixon Pat Nixon's grandmother in law was Sarah Nixon Pat Nixon's grandfather in law was Franklin Milhous Pat Nixon's grandmother in law was Almir Milhous Pat Nixon's brother in law was Harold Nixon Pat Nixon's brother in law was Francis Nixon Pat Nixon's sister in law-by-marriage is Clara Nixon Pat Nixon's brother in law was Arthur Nixon Pat Nixon's brother in law is Edward Nixon Pat Nixon's sister in law-by-marriage is Gay Nixon Pat Nixon's husband President Richard Nixon's uncle in law is Ernest Nixon Pat Nixon's son in law is Edward Cox Pat Nixon's son in law is David Eisenhower II

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