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Craig Charles


1 child together

marriage Mar 1984
divorce 1989

Cathy Tyson

British Actress
Cathy Tyson

Cathy Tyson Bio Details

Full name

Cathy Tyson

Maiden name

Catherine Tyson





Date of birth

12 Jun 1965

Birth place

Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, England, UK



Frequently said to be the niece of Cicely Tyson. This is not likely to be true as Cecily only had one brother Melrose. Although it is possibly that Cecily had a half sibling called Charles as her father left the family prior to 1940.

Cathy Tyson Children

Jack Charles


Jack Charles

with Craig Charles

Cathy Tyson Family

Cathy Tyson's parents:

Cathy Tyson's father is Charles Tyson Cathy Tyson's mother is Margaret Tyson

Cathy Tyson's children:

Cathy Tyson's son is Jack Charles

Cathy Tyson's former partners:

Cathy Tyson's former husband is Craig Charles

Cathy Tyson's former in laws:

Cathy Tyson's former father in law was Joe Charles Cathy Tyson's former mother in law was Jo Charles Cathy Tyson's former half-brother in law is Jimmie Charles Cathy Tyson's former half-brother in law was Dean Charles Cathy Tyson's former brother in law is Emile Charles

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