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Hank Baskett
Partners of 
Hank Baskett

Former NFL wide receiver.
Hank Baskett

Henry Randall Baskett III




4 Sep 1982

Hank Baskett Bio Details

Full name

Henry Randall Baskett III





Date of birth

4 Sep 1982

Birth place

Clovis, New Mexico, USA


American Football Player

Partners of 
Hank Baskett

Ava London

Alleged Affair

Jul 2014 (ca.)

Kendra Wilkinson


27 Jun 2009

Hank Baskett Children

Hank Baskett Partner(s) Other Children

Hank Baskett IV

born 2009, age 7
with Kendra Wilkinson

Alijah Baskett

born 2014, age 2
with Kendra Wilkinson

Hank Baskett Family

Hank Baskett's parents:

Hank Baskett's father is Hank Baskett Jr Hank Baskett's mother is Judy Baskett

Hank Baskett's children:

Hank Baskett's son is Hank Baskett IV Hank Baskett's daughter is Alijah Baskett

Hank Baskett's current partners:

Hank Baskett's wife is Kendra Wilkinson Hank Baskett allegedly has an affair with Ava London

Hank Baskett's in laws:

Hank Baskett's mother in law is Patty Wilkinson Hank Baskett's father in law is Eric Wilkinson Hank Baskett's grandmother in law was Gloria Wilkinson Hank Baskett's grandmother in law is Mary Stotz Hank Baskett's brother in law is Colin Wilkinson