Relationship History

Miles Davis


marriage 26 Nov 1981
divorce 1988

Cicely Tyson

Top American Actress, famous for 'Roots'.
Cicely Tyson

Cicely Tyson Bio Details

Full name

Cicely Tyson

Also known as

Cicely Tyson Davis

Cicely Davis





Date of birth

19 Dec 1924

Birth place

New York, USA




Cicely's age.

Her age has long been a source of mystery and her date of birth is usually said to be 19 Dec 1933. In 2003 at an Ellis Island event Cicely named her siblings as Melrose and Emily. In the 1925 New York Census (taken on 1 June 1925) there is a Cicely Tyson aged 163 days. Along with an older brother Melrose and parents William and Fredericka.. 19 Dec 1924 is 163 days prior to the census.
The same girl is age 16 in the 1940 census with the addition of a sister Emily one year younger.

Cicely Tyson Siblings

Melrose Tyson


Emily Rose


Cicely Tyson Family

Cicely Tyson's parents:

Cicely Tyson's father was William Tyson Cicely Tyson's mother was Theodosia Tyson

Cicely Tyson's former partners:

Cicely Tyson's former husband was Miles Davis

Cicely Tyson's siblings:

Cicely Tyson's brother was Melrose Tyson Cicely Tyson's sister was Emily Rose