Relationship History

Julio de Diego


marriage 19 Mar 1948
divorce 8 Aug 1955

Otto Preminger


relationship began circa 1944
until circa 1945

Alexander Kirkland


1 child together

marriage 31 Aug 1942
divorce 7 Oct 1944

Mike Todd


affair from circa 1939
until circa 1942

Robert Mizzy


marriage 24 Aug 1937
divorce 17 Mar 1941

Gypsy Rose Lee

World's Most Famous Stripper
Gypsy Rose Lee

Gypsy Rose Lee Bio Details

Full name

Gypsy Rose Lee

Maiden name

Rose Louise Hovick





Date of birth

9 Jan 1911

Birth place

Seattle, Washington, USA

Date of death:

26 Apr 1970

Place of death

Los Angeles, California, USA

Cause of death

Lung cancer



Burlesque Performer

Vaudeville Entertainer

Gypsy Rose Lee Children

Erik Lee Preminger


Erik Lee Preminger

with Alexander Kirkland

Gypsy Rose Lee Siblings

June Havoc


Gypsy Rose Lee Family

Gypsy Rose Lee's parents:

Gypsy Rose Lee's mother was Rose Hovick Gypsy Rose Lee's father is John Hovick Gypsy Rose Lee's step-father is Judson Brennerman

Gypsy Rose Lee's children:

Gypsy Rose Lee's son is Erik Lee Preminger

Gypsy Rose Lee's former partners:

Gypsy Rose Lee had a relationship with Otto Preminger Gypsy Rose Lee's former husband was Julio de Diego Gypsy Rose Lee's former husband was Alexander Kirkland Gypsy Rose Lee had an affair with Mike Todd Gypsy Rose Lee's former husband is Robert Mizzy

Gypsy Rose Lee's siblings:

Gypsy Rose Lee's sister was June Havoc

Gypsy Rose Lee's grandparents:

Gypsy Rose Lee's grandfather is Charles Thompson Gypsy Rose Lee's grandmother is Anna Thompson

Gypsy Rose Lee's former in laws:

Gypsy Rose Lee's former father in law is Robert Kirkland Gypsy Rose Lee's former mother in law is Charlotte Megan Gypsy Rose Lee's former grandfather in law is William Kirkland Gypsy Rose Lee's former grandmother in law is Consuela Gowland

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