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Asil Nadir
Partners of 
Asil Nadir

Polly Peck businessman jailed  for fraud in 2012 
Asil Nadir

Asil Nadir




1 May 1941

Asil Nadir Bio Details

Full name

Asil Nadir





Date of birth

1 May 1941

Birth place

Lefka, Cyprus

Asil Nadir Siblings

Meral Kasif


Bilge Nevzat


Partners of 
Asil Nadir

Nur Nadir



Ayesha Nadir


married about Aug 1985
divorce before 1994

Lesley Ellwood


2 children together

relationship began before 1978

Asil Nadir Children

Asil Nadir Partner(s) Other Children

Birol Nadir

born 1964, age 52 (approx.)
with Ayesha Nadir

Sirhol Nadir

born 1975, age 41 (approx.)
with Ayesha Nadir

Giles Ellwood

born 1979, age 37 (approx.)
with Lesley Ellwood

Eren Ellwood

born 1981, age 36 (approx.)
with Lesley Ellwood

Asil Nadir Family

Asil Nadir's parents:

Asil Nadir's father was Irfan Nadir Asil Nadir's mother was Safiye Nadir

Asil Nadir's children:

Asil Nadir's son is Birol Nadir Asil Nadir's son is Sirhol Nadir Asil Nadir's son is Giles Ellwood Asil Nadir's son is Eren Ellwood

Asil Nadir's current partners:

Asil Nadir's husband is Nur Nadir Asil Nadir has a relationship with Lesley Ellwood

Asil Nadir's former partners:

Asil Nadir's former wife is Ayesha Nadir

Asil Nadir's siblings:

Asil Nadir's sister is Meral Kasif Asil Nadir's sister is Bilge Nevzat

Asil Nadir's nieces and nephews:

Asil Nadir's nephew is Tolga Kashif Asil Nadir's niece is Tijen Nevzat Asil Nadir's nephew is Levant Nevzat

Asil Nadir's grandparents:

Asil Nadir's grandfather is Mustafa Sevki Asil Nadir's grandmother is Havva Sevki