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Partners of 
Meg Ryan
Meg Ryan

Partners of 
Meg Ryan

John Mellencamp

On-Off relationship

relationship resumed before Jul 2017

William Keane

Alleged Romance

alleged romance from about 2003

Russell Crowe


affair from 2000
until 2000

Dennis Quaid


1 child together

married 1991
divorce Jul 2001

Craig Bierko


Meg Ryan
Bio Details

Full name

Margaret Mary Emily Anne Hyra





Date of birth

Sunday 19 Nov 1961

Birth place

Fairfield, Connecticut, USA



Meg's use of the surname Ryan come from her maternal grandmother's maiden name.
Voice of Dr Blight on the first season of Captain Planet and the Planeteers. Dr Stacy Swanson in a 2007 episode of The Simpsons.
Appeared in 1982 TV Advert for Burger King.
Turned down the lead role in Pretty Woman

Meg Ryan Siblings

Dana Hyra


Annie Hyra


Andrew Hyra


When Harry Met Sally Star
Meg Ryan

Margaret Mary Emily Anne Hyra




Sunday 19 Nov 1961

Meg Ryan Partner(s) Other Children

Meg Ryan Children

Jack Quaid

born 1992, age 26
with Dennis Quaid

Played Marvel in the film The Hunger Games

Daisy Ryan

born 2004, age 14 (approx.)


Meg Ryan Family

Meg Ryan's parents:

Meg Ryan's father is Harry Hyra Meg Ryan's mother is Susan Jordan

Meg Ryan's children:

Meg Ryan's son is Jack Quaid Meg Ryan's adopted daughter is Daisy Ryan

Meg Ryan's current partners:

Meg Ryan has an on-off relationship with John Mellencamp

Meg Ryan's former partners:

Meg Ryan had an affair with Russell Crowe Meg Ryan's former husband is Dennis Quaid Meg Ryan dated Craig Bierko Meg Ryan allegedly had a romance with William Keane

Meg Ryan's siblings:

Meg Ryan's sister is Dana Hyra Meg Ryan's sister is Annie Hyra Meg Ryan's brother is Andrew Hyra

Meg Ryan's grandparents:

Meg Ryan's grandfather is William Duggan Meg Ryan's grandmother is Margaret Duggan Meg Ryan's grandfather is Michael Hyra Meg Ryan's grandmother is Mary Helen Hyra

Meg Ryan's great grandparents:

Meg Ryan's great grandfather is Orest J Hyra Meg Ryan's great grandmother is Anna Hyra

Meg Ryan's former in laws:

Meg Ryan's former brother in law is Randy Quaid Meg Ryan's former father in law is William Quaid Meg Ryan's former mother in law is Juanita Quaid

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