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Jack Suchet
Partner of 
Jack Suchet

Worked with Alexander Fleming researching the role of Penicillin in the treatment of venereal disease
Jack Suchet

Jack Suchet




10 May 1908


9 Sep 2001

Jack Suchet Bio Details

Full name

Jack Suchet





Date of birth

10 May 1908

Birth place

Johannesberg, South Africa

Date of death:

9 Sep 2001

Place of death

London, England, UK



Partners of 
Jack Suchet

Joan Suchet


3 children together

Jack Suchet Children

Jack Suchet Partner(s) Other Children

John Suchet

born 1944, age 72
with Joan Suchet

Long serving TV presenter

Peter Suchet

born 1946 (aft.), age 70 (aft.)
with Joan Suchet

David Suchet

born 1946, age 70
with Joan Suchet

Best known for his role as Hercule Poirot

Jack Suchet Family

Jack Suchet's children:

Jack Suchet's son is John Suchet Jack Suchet's son is David Suchet Jack Suchet's son is Peter Suchet

Jack Suchet's current partners:

Jack Suchet's wife was Joan Suchet

Jack Suchet's grandchildren:

Jack Suchet's grandson is Damien Suchet Jack Suchet's grandson is Kieran Suchet Jack Suchet's grandson is Rory Suchet Jack Suchet's grandson is Robert Suchet Jack Suchet's granddaughter is Katherine Suchet

Jack Suchet's in laws:

Jack Suchet's father in law was James Jarche Jack Suchet's mother in law was Elsie Jarche Jack Suchet's grandfather in law was Arnold Jarche Jack Suchet's grandmother in law was Amelie Jarche Jack Suchet's daughter in law is Bonnie Suchet Jack Suchet's daughter in law is Sheila Suchet

Jack Suchet's former in laws:

Jack Suchet's former daughter in law is Moya Suchet