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Anthony Dawson
Partner of 
Anthony Dawson

Played villain Professor Dent in the Bond film Dr. No
Anthony Dawson

Anthony Dawson




18 Oct 1916


8 Jan 1992

Anthony Dawson Bio Details

Full name

Anthony Dawson





Date of birth

18 Oct 1916

Birth place


Date of death:

8 Jan 1992

Place of death

Sussex, England, UK

Cause of death



Actor (Finished 1992 (bef.))

A man of mystery

Dawson played Ernst Blofeld in both 'From Russia With Love' and 'Thunderball'.  However, his face was not shown in the former, just his body and his hand stroking a white cat, and the character was voiced by Eric Pohlmann.  This enabled the studio to maintain the mystery of the character by showing "Ernst Blofeld' being played by '?' in the closing credits.  When Dawson appeared as Blofeld the second time the voice was again played by Pohlman.
Dawson appeared in the Hitchcock film Dial M For Murder playing a man who is blackmailed into murdering his wife.

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Anthony Dawson

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