Relationship History

Patrick Kielty


1 child together

29 Sep 2012

Michael McMillian


dated from about Jul 2011
until about Oct 2011

Jack Huston


dated from circa 2007
until circa 2009

Mark Whelan


relationship began 2001
until 2006

Cat Deeley

British TV Presenter
Cat Deeley

Cat Deeley Bio Details

Full name

Catherine Elizabeth Deeley





Date of birth

23 Oct 1976

Birth place

Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, England, UK


Model (1992 - 1997)

TV Host (1997)

Cat and Patrick are expecting a baby in 2016

Cat Deeley Children

Baby Boy Kielty


Baby Boy Kielty

with Patrick Kielty

Cat Deeley Siblings

Max Deeley


Cat Deeley Family

Cat Deeley's parents:

Cat Deeley's father is Howard Deeley Cat Deeley's mother is Janet Deeley

Cat Deeley's children:

Cat Deeley's son is Baby Boy Kielty

Cat Deeley's current partners:

Cat Deeley's husband is Patrick Kielty

Cat Deeley's former partners:

Cat Deeley dated Michael McMillian Cat Deeley dated Jack Huston Cat Deeley had a relationship with Mark Whelan

Cat Deeley's siblings:

Cat Deeley's brother is Max Deeley

Cat Deeley's in laws:

Cat Deeley's father in law was Jack Kielty Cat Deeley's mother in law is Mary Kielty Cat Deeley's brother in law is John Kielty Cat Deeley's sister in law-by-marriage is Moya Kielty Cat Deeley's brother in law is Cathal Kielty