Relationship History

Sir John Madejski


dated from about Oct 2004

Bobby Willis

Religious Ceremony

religious ceremony 6 Mar 1969

Cilla Black

British pop singer and TV personality
Cilla Black

Cilla Black Bio Details

Full name

Priscilla Maria Veronica Black

Maiden name

Priscilla Maria Veronica White





Date of birth

27 May 1943

Birth place

Vauxhall, Liverpool, Merseyside, England, UK

Date of death:

2 Aug 2015

Place of death

A her home in Marbella, Spain

Cause of death

Believed to be natural causes.



TV Personality


2014 - Special TV Award

Cilla Black Children

Robert Willis


Robert Willis

with Bobby Willis

Ben Willis


Ben Willis

with Bobby Willis

Ellen Willis


Ellen Willis

with Bobby Willis

Jack Willis


Jack Willis

with Bobby Willis

Cilla Black Siblings

George White


John White


Allan White

Adpoted Brother

Cilla Black Family

Cilla Black's parents:

Cilla Black's mother was Priscilla White Cilla Black's father was John White

Cilla Black's children:

Cilla Black's son is Robert Willis Cilla Black's son is Ben Willis Cilla Black's daughter was Ellen Willis Cilla Black's son is Jack Willis

Cilla Black's current partners:

Cilla Black dated Sir John Madejski Cilla Black's husband was Bobby Willis

Cilla Black's siblings:

Cilla Black's brother is George White Cilla Black's brother is John White Cilla Black's adopted brother is Allan White

Cilla Black's grandparents:

Cilla Black's grandfather was Joseph Blythen Cilla Black's grandmother was Ellen Blythen Cilla Black's grandfather is George White Cilla Black's grandmother is Dorothea White

Cilla Black's great grandparents:

Cilla Black's great grandfather is John Pim Cilla Black's great grandmother is Ann Pim

Cilla Black's grandchildren:

Cilla Black's grandson is Max Willis Cilla Black's granddaughter is Alana Willis

Cilla Black's uncles and aunts:

Cilla Black's aunt is Nellie Blythen Cilla Black's uncle is Lottie Blythen Cilla Black's aunt is Jean Blythen Cilla Black's aunt is Ann Blythen Cilla Black's aunt is Vera Blythen Cilla Black's aunt is Mary Blythen Cilla Black's uncle is Thomas Blythen

Cilla Black's in laws:

Cilla Black's daughter in law is Fiona Willis

Cilla Black FameChain Links

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