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Robert Carlyle OBE
Partners of 
Robert Carlyle OBE

Scottish Actor
Trainspotting and The Full Monty
Robert Carlyle OBE

Robert Carlyle




14 Apr 1961

Robert Carlyle OBE Bio Details

Full name

Robert Carlyle





Date of birth

14 Apr 1961

Birth place

Maryhill, Glasgow, Scotland, UK


Actor (1991)


Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

Carlyle has been seen playing a variety of different characters, most notably when he stripped off for the film 'The Full Monty' and for his role as Begby in the film 'Trainspotting' based on the book by Irving Welsh.  He also starred in Jake Scott's film 'Plunkett and Macleane' as well as playing the villain Renard in the James Bond film 'The World Is Not Enough'.


1998 - Best Actor - The Full Monty

Partners of 
Robert Carlyle OBE

Anastasia Carlyle


3 children together

Dec 1997

Caroline Paterson


until before Dec 1997

Robert Carlyle OBE Children

Robert Carlyle OBE Partner(s) Other Children

Ava Carlyle

born 2002, age 15 (approx.)
with Anastasia Carlyle

Harvey Carlyle

born 2004, age 13 (approx.)
with Anastasia Carlyle

Pearce Carlyle

born 2006, age 11 (approx.)
with Anastasia Carlyle

Robert Carlyle OBE Family

Robert Carlyle OBE's parents:

Robert Carlyle OBE's father is Joseph Carlyle Robert Carlyle OBE's mother is Elizabeth McDonald

Robert Carlyle OBE's children:

Robert Carlyle OBE's daughter is Ava Carlyle Robert Carlyle OBE's son is Harvey Carlyle Robert Carlyle OBE's son is Pearce Carlyle

Robert Carlyle OBE's current partners:

Robert Carlyle OBE's wife is Anastasia Carlyle

Robert Carlyle OBE's former partners:

Robert Carlyle OBE had a relationship with Caroline Paterson

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