Relationship History

Eric Wentworth


1 child together

Mabel Cabot

Daughter of Explorer Janet Wulsin
Mother of Comedienne Ali Wentworth
Mabel Cabot

Mabel Cabot Bio Details

Full name

Mabel Brandon Cabot

Maiden name

Mabel Hobart

Also known as

Mabel Brandon





Mabel was Nancy Reagan's White House social secretary from 1981 to 1983.  

Mabel Cabot Children

Alexandra Wentworth


Alexandra Wentworth

with Eric Wentworth

Mabel Cabot Family

Mabel Cabot's parents:

Mabel Cabot's mother was Janet Wulsin

Mabel Cabot's children:

Mabel Cabot's daughter is Alexandra Wentworth

Mabel Cabot's current partners:

Mabel Cabot's husband is Eric Wentworth

Mabel Cabot's grandchildren:

Mabel Cabot's granddaughter is Elliott Stephanopoulos Mabel Cabot's granddaughter is Harper Stephanopoulos

Mabel Cabot's in laws:

Mabel Cabot's son in law is George Stephanopoulos