Relationship History

Roy Battersby


6 Mar 1997

Richard Beckinsale


1 child together


Judy Loe

British TV Actress
Judy Loe

Judy Loe Bio Details

Full name

Judith Margaret Loe




69 (approx.)

Date of birth

Mar 1947

Birth place

Urmston, Manchester, England, UK




Birmingham University, Birmingham, West Midlands, England, United Kingdom

Judy Loe Children

Kate Beckinsale


Kate Beckinsale

with Richard Beckinsale

British Actress & Hollywood Blockbuster Star

Samantha Beckinsale


Samantha Beckinsale

step-child with Richard Beckinsale

British TV Actress Daughter to Richard Beckinsale

Judy Loe Family

Judy Loe's parents:

Judy Loe's father was Norman Lowe

Judy Loe's children:

Judy Loe's daughter is Kate Beckinsale Judy Loe's step-daughter is Samantha Beckinsale

Judy Loe's current partners:

Judy Loe's husband was Richard Beckinsale Judy Loe's husband is Roy Battersby

Judy Loe's grandparents:

Judy Loe's grandfather is James Loe

Judy Loe's great grandparents:

Judy Loe's great grandfather is James Loe Judy Loe's great grandmother is Margaret Loe

Judy Loe's grandchildren:

Judy Loe's granddaughter is Lily Sheen

Judy Loe's in laws:

Judy Loe's father in law is Arthur Beckinsale Judy Loe's mother in law is Margaret Beckinsale Judy Loe's sister in law is Wendy Postlethwaite Judy Loe's sister in law is Judy Yates

Judy Loe's former in laws:

Judy Loe's former son in law is Len Wiseman Judy Loe's former son in law is Michael Sheen OBE