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Ronnie Driver
Partners of 
Ronnie Driver

Ronnie Driver

Charles Ronald Driver




7 Jan 1921


19 Dec 2009

Ronnie Driver Bio Details

Full name

Charles Ronald Driver





Date of birth

7 Jan 1921

Birth place

Swansea, Wales, UK

Date of death:

19 Dec 2009

Place of death

Chelsea And Westminster Hospital, London, England, UK



Investment Advisor


Was boss of London United Investments which went bust. He was accused of siphoning off £35m.

Ronnie Driver Siblings

Leslie Stancliffe


other parent: Ada Driver

Partners of 
Ronnie Driver

Misty Driver


1 child together

1984 (ca.)

Gaynor Churchward


2 children together

relationship began 1962
until about 1975

Annie Driver


1 child together

married about Aug 1944
divorce before 1983

Ronnie Driver Children

Ronnie Driver Partner(s) Other Children

Susan Driver

born 1947, age 70 (approx.)
with Annie Driver

Kate Driver

born 1968, age 49 (approx.)
with Gaynor Churchward

Minnie Driver

born 1970, age 47
with Gaynor Churchward

American Actress and Singer

Charles Driver

born 1985, age 32 (approx.)
with Misty Driver

Ronnie Driver Family

Ronnie Driver's parents:

Ronnie Driver's father was Charles Driver Ronnie Driver's mother was Jessie Driver Ronnie Driver's step-father was Robert C. Kelley Ronnie Driver's step-mother was Ada Driver

Ronnie Driver's children:

Ronnie Driver's daughter is Minnie Driver Ronnie Driver's daughter is Susan Driver Ronnie Driver's daughter is Kate Driver Ronnie Driver's son is Charles Driver

Ronnie Driver's current partners:

Ronnie Driver's wife was Misty Driver

Ronnie Driver's former partners:

Ronnie Driver had a relationship with Gaynor Churchward Ronnie Driver's former husband is Annie Driver

Ronnie Driver's siblings:

Ronnie Driver's half-brother was Leslie Stancliffe

Ronnie Driver's nieces and nephews:

Ronnie Driver's niece is Jean Stancliffe

Ronnie Driver's grandchildren:

Ronnie Driver's grandson is Henry Driver