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Mahnaz Depp
Mahnaz Depp

Partners of 
Mahnaz Depp

Danny Depp


7 Jul 1979

Mahnaz Depp
Bio Details

Full name

Mahnaz Depp

Also known as

Mahnaz Shams



Mahnaz Depp

Mahnaz Depp


Mahnaz Depp Family

Mahnaz Depp's current partners:

Mahnaz Depp's husband is Danny Depp

Mahnaz Depp's in laws:

Mahnaz Depp's half-brother in law is Johnny Depp Mahnaz Depp's sister in law is Deborah Depp Mahnaz Depp's half-sister in law is Christie Dembrowski Mahnaz Depp's mother in law was Betty Palmer Mahnaz Depp's step-father in law was Robert Palmer Mahnaz Depp's grandfather in law is Walter Wells Mahnaz Depp's grandmother in law is Bessie Wells Mahnaz Depp's brother in law-by-marriage is Daniel Dembrowski