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Partners of 
Wendi Deng
Wendi Deng

Partners of 
Wendi Deng

Bertold Zahoran


relationship began May 2016

Vladimir Putin

Alleged Romance

alleged romance from about Mar 2016

Tony Blair

Rumoured Romance

allegedly dating from about 2013
until about 2013

Eric Schmidt

Alleged Affair

2013 (bef.)

Rupert Murdoch


2 children together

married 25 Jun 1999
divorce about Jun 2013

Jake Cherry


married Feb 1990
divorce Sep 1992

David Wolf

Unconfirmed marriage

"divorce" circa 1997

Wendi Deng Bio Details

Full name

Wendi Deng

Maiden name

Wendi Deng

Also known as

Deng Wen Ge

Wendi Wolf

Wendi Cherry

Wendi Murdoch





Date of birth

8 Dec 1968

Birth place

Xuzhou, Eastern China, China

Former wife of Rupert Murdoch
Wendi Deng

Wendi Deng




8 Dec 1968

Wendi Deng Partner(s) Other Children

Wendi Deng Children

Grace Murdoch

born 2001, age 15
with Rupert Murdoch

Chloe Murdoch

born 2003, age 13
with Rupert Murdoch



6 ft 1 ins on 2016

Wendi Deng Family

Wendi Deng's parents:

Wendi Deng's father is Deng Dehui Wendi Deng's mother is Liu Xueqin

Wendi Deng's children:

Wendi Deng's daughter is Grace Murdoch Wendi Deng's daughter is Chloe Murdoch

Wendi Deng's current partners:

Wendi Deng allegedly has a romance with Vladimir Putin Wendi Deng has a relationship with Bertold Zahoran

Wendi Deng's former partners:

Wendi Deng was rumoured to had a romance with Tony Blair Wendi Deng's former husband is Rupert Murdoch Wendi Deng allegedly had an affair with Eric Schmidt Wendi Deng's former husband is Jake Cherry Wendi Deng's former "husband" is David Wolf

Wendi Deng's former in laws:

Wendi Deng's former mother in law was Dame Elisabeth Murdoch Wendi Deng's former father in law was Sir Keith Murdoch Wendi Deng's former grandfather in law was Reverend Patrick Murdoch Wendi Deng's former grandmother in law was Annie Brown Murdoch Wendi Deng's former grandfather in law is Rupert Greene Wendi Deng's former grandmother in law is Marie Greene Wendi Deng's former sister in law was Helen Handbury Wendi Deng's former sister in law is Anne Kantor Wendi Deng's former sister in law is Janet Calvert-Jones