Alvin Stardust Bio Details

Full name

Bernard William Jewry

Also known as

Shane Fenton





Date of birth

27 Sep 1942

Birth place

Muswell Hill, London, UK

Date of death:

23 Oct 2014

Cause of death

Metastatic Prostate Cancer


Singer & Recording Artist

TV Host

Actor (1990)


St. Peter's Infants School, Mansfield, England, United Kingdom

Southwell Minster Grammar School, Mansfield, United Kingdom

Starstruck Stardust

As a child Alvin (real name Bernard) took his guitar to a Buddy Holly concert.  Buddy and the band saw him and invited him to play for them backstage.  Buddy & The Crickets joined in with a jam of Peggy Sue and then all signed the guitar.  Since then the guitar has also been signed by Eddie Cochrane, Gene Vincent, Johnny Kid, Billy Fury, Joe Brown, Marty Wilde, Bert Weedon, Chuck Berry, Bill Haley, all of The Beatles, and all of The Rolling Stones.  It is now worth over a million pounds!

Oct 2014

Alvin Stardust's manager has confirmed that Alvin's new album will still be released. He was very proud of it stating 'it was the best thing he had ever made'

Alvin Stardust

British glam rocker
Alvin Stardust

Relationship History

Julie Paton


1 child together

1995 (aft.)

Liza Goddard


1 child together

marriage 1981
divorce about 1987

Iris Caldwell


2 children together

marriage 1964
divorce before 1981

Alvin Stardust Children

Shaun Fenton


Shaun Fenton

with Iris Caldwell

Adam F.


Adam F.

with Iris Caldwell

Sophie Jewry


Sophie Jewry

with Liza Goddard

Millie Jewry


Millie Jewry

with Julie Paton

Alvin Stardust Family

Alvin Stardust's parents:

Alvin Stardust's father is Bill Jewry

Alvin Stardust's children:

Alvin Stardust's daughter is Sophie Jewry Alvin Stardust's son is Shaun Fenton Alvin Stardust's son is Adam F. Alvin Stardust's daughter is Millie Jewry

Alvin Stardust's current partners:

Alvin Stardust's wife was Julie Paton

Alvin Stardust's former partners:

Alvin Stardust's former wife is Iris Caldwell Alvin Stardust's former wife is Liza Goddard

Alvin Stardust's grandchildren:

Alvin Stardust's granddaughter is Noah Fenton Alvin Stardust's grandson is Jo Fenton

Alvin Stardust's in laws:

Alvin Stardust's daughter in law is Anna Fenton

Alvin Stardust's former in laws:

Alvin Stardust's former brother in law was Rory Storm Alvin Stardust's former father in law is David Goddard Alvin Stardust's former mother in law is Clare Goddard Alvin Stardust's former sister in law is Maria Goddard Alvin Stardust's former father in law is Ernie Caldwell Alvin Stardust's former mother in law was Vi Caldwell