Barry Mannakee Bio Details

Full name

Sergeant Barry Albert Mannakee





Date of birth

1 Jun 1947

Birth place

Hackney, London, England, UK

Date of death:

14 May 1987

Place of death

Woodford, London, EnglandUK

Cause of death

Involved in collision between a car and the motorcycle he was riding pillion on.


Royal Diplomatic Protection Officer

Barry Mannakee

Princess Diana's police bodyguard
Barry Mannakee

Relationship History

Princess Diana
Princess of Wales

Alleged Affair

1985 - 1986

Susan Miller


2 children together

Feb 1966

Barry Mannakee Children

Michelle Mannakee


Michelle Mannakee

with Susan Miller

Clare Mannakee


Clare Mannakee

with Susan Miller

Barry Mannakee Family

Barry Mannakee's parents:

Barry Mannakee's father is Albert Mannakee Barry Mannakee's mother is Rose Mannakee

Barry Mannakee's children:

Barry Mannakee's daughter is Michelle Mannakee Barry Mannakee's daughter is Clare Mannakee

Barry Mannakee's current partners:

Barry Mannakee's wife was Susan Miller

Barry Mannakee's former partners:

Barry Mannakee allegedly had an affair with Princess Diana Princess of Wales