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Justin Welby
Partner of 
Justin Welby

The Archbishop of Canterbury, 2013
Justin Welby

Reverend Justin Welby




6 Jan 1956

Justin Welby Bio Details

Full name

Reverend Justin Welby





Date of birth

6 Jan 1956

Birth place

London, UK


Group Treasurer (Finished 1989)



Oil Industry Executive (1978 - 1989)

Deacon (1992 - 1993)

Rector (1995 - 2002)

Canon of Coventry (2002 - 2007)

Dean of Liverpool (2007 - 2011)

Bishop (2011 - 2012)

Archbishop of Canterbury (2013)


Eton College, Windsor, Berkshire, England, United Kingdom (1969 - 1974)

Cambridge University : Trinity College, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England, United Kingdom (1975 - 1978)

St. John's College, University of Durham, County Durham, England, United Kingdom (1989 - 1992)

Justin Welby Siblings

Jane Hoare-Temple


other parent: Nonie Sargant

Paddy Macklin


step parent: Shelagh Montague-Browne

Miranda Kelly


step parent: Shelagh Montague-Browne

Partners of 
Justin Welby

Caroline Welby


6 children together


Justin Welby Children

Justin Welby Partner(s) Other Children

Johanna Welby

born 1982 (aft.), died 1983, age 5 months (approx.)
with Caroline Welby

Timothy Welby

born 1984, age 33 (approx.)
with Caroline Welby

Eldest son of Justin Welby, The Archbishop of Canterbury

Katharine Roberts

born 1986, age 31 (approx.)
with Caroline Welby

Second daughter of Justin Welby, The Archbishop of Canterbury

Peter Welby

born 1988, age 29 (approx.)
with Caroline Welby

Second son of Justin Welby, The Archbishop of Canterbury

Eleanor Welby

born 1992, age 25 (approx.)
with Caroline Welby

Third Daughter of Justin Welby, The Archbishop of Canterbiury

Hannah Welby

born 1995, age 22 (approx.)
with Caroline Welby

Fourth Daughter of Justin Welby, The archbishop of Canterbury

Justin Welby Family

Justin Welby's parents:

Justin Welby's adoptive father was Gavin Welby Justin Welby's father was Sir Anthony Montague Browne Justin Welby's mother is Jane Williams Justin Welby's step-father is Charles Williams CBE Justin Welby's step-mother was Nonie Sargant Justin Welby's step-mother is Shelagh Montague-Browne

Justin Welby's former step-parents:

Justin Welby's former step-father was Gavin Welby

Justin Welby's children:

Justin Welby's daughter was Johanna Welby Justin Welby's son is Timothy Welby Justin Welby's daughter is Katharine Roberts Justin Welby's son is Peter Welby Justin Welby's daughter is Eleanor Welby Justin Welby's daughter is Hannah Welby

Justin Welby's current partners:

Justin Welby's wife is Caroline Welby

Justin Welby's siblings:

Justin Welby's half-sister is Jane Hoare-Temple Justin Welby's step-brother is Paddy Macklin Justin Welby's step-sister is Miranda Kelly

Justin Welby's nieces and nephews:

Justin Welby's nephew is Guy Hoare-Temple

Justin Welby's grandparents:

Justin Welby's grandfather was Gervas Portal Justin Welby's grandmother is Iris Portal Justin Welby's grandfather was Lt Col Andrew Montague-Browne Justin Welby's grandmother is Violet Montague-Browne

Justin Welby's great grandparents:

Justin Welby's great grandfather was Major General Andrew Montague Browne Justin Welby's great grandmother was Alice Browne   Justin Welby's great great grandfather is Lt-Col James Fergusson Justin Welby's great great grandmother is Margaret Fergusson

Justin Welby's step-grandparents:

Justin Welby's step-grandfather is Frank Arnold-Wallinger Justin Welby's step-grandmother is Evelyn Arnold-Wallinger Justin Welby's step-grandfather was Col Hugh Mulligan CMG Justin Welby's step-grandmother was Rita Mulligan

Justin Welby's former step-grandparents:

Justin Welby's former step-grandfather was Bernard Welby Justin Welby's former step-grandmother was Edith Welby

Justin Welby's in laws:

Justin Welby's daughter in law is Rachel Welby Justin Welby's son in law is Michael Roberts Justin Welby's daughter in law is Jen Welby