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Gavin Welby
Partners of 
Gavin Welby

Raised The Archbishop of Canterbury
believing him to be his son.
Gavin Welby

Gavin Bramhall Welby




28 Nov 1910


4 Mar 1977

Gavin Welby Bio Details

Full name

Gavin Bramhall Welby

Also known as

Bernard Gavin Weiler





Date of birth

28 Nov 1910

Birth place

Ruislip, London, UK

Date of death:

4 Mar 1977

Place of death

Kensington, London, UK

Cause of death

Heart Attack



Bootlegger (1929 - 1933 (ca.))

Gavin Welby Siblings

Peggy Welby


Partners of 
Gavin Welby

Vanessa Redgrave CBE

Broken Engagement

engaged from 1960
until 1960

Jane Williams


married 4 Apr 1955
divorce 1959

Pat Lawford


dated from 1952

Doris Duke


dated from circa 1942

Doris Welby



Gavin Welby Children

Gavin Welby Partner(s) Other Children

Justin Welby

born 1956, age 61

The Archbishop of Canterbury, 2013

Gavin Welby Family

Gavin Welby's parents:

Gavin Welby's father was Bernard Welby Gavin Welby's mother was Edith Welby

Gavin Welby's children:

Gavin Welby's adopted son is Justin Welby

Gavin Welby's former partners:

Gavin Welby is the former fiance of Vanessa Redgrave CBE Gavin Welby dated Pat Lawford Gavin Welby dated Doris Duke Gavin Welby's former wife is Jane Williams Gavin Welby's former wife was Doris Welby

Gavin Welby's siblings:

Gavin Welby's sister is Peggy Welby

Gavin Welby's grandchildren:

Gavin Welby's adopted granddaughter was Johanna Welby Gavin Welby's adopted grandson is Timothy Welby Gavin Welby's adopted granddaughter is Katharine Roberts Gavin Welby's adopted grandson is Peter Welby Gavin Welby's adopted granddaughter is Eleanor Welby Gavin Welby's adopted granddaughter is Hannah Welby

Gavin Welby's uncles and aunts:

Gavin Welby's uncle is Herman Weiler

Gavin Welby's former in laws:

Gavin Welby's former father in law was Gervas Portal Gavin Welby's former mother in law is Iris Portal