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Partners of 
Kelly Preston
Kelly Preston

Partners of 
Kelly Preston

John Travolta


3 children together

12 Sep 1991

Charlie Sheen

Broken Engagement

engaged from 1989

George Clooney


relationship began 1987
until 1989

Kevin Gage


married 1985
divorce 1987

Kelly Preston Bio Details

Full name

Kelly Kamalelehua Smith

Also known as

Kelly Travolta

Kelly Palzis





Date of birth

13 Oct 1962

Birth place

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA




Mrs John Travolta & US Movie Actress
Kelly Preston

Kelly Kamalelehua Smith




13 Oct 1962

Kelly Preston Partner(s) Other Children

Kelly Preston Children

Jett Travolta

born 1992, died 2009, age 16
with John Travolta

Late Son of Movie Legend John Travolta

Ella Bleu Travolta

born 2000, age 17
with John Travolta

Benjamin Travolta

born 2010, age 6
with John Travolta

Kelly Preston Family

Kelly Preston's parents:

Kelly Preston's mother is Linda Carlson Kelly Preston's step-father is Lee Carlson Kelly Preston's step-father is Peter Palzis

Kelly Preston's children:

Kelly Preston's son was Jett Travolta Kelly Preston's daughter is Ella Bleu Travolta Kelly Preston's son is Benjamin Travolta

Kelly Preston's current partners:

Kelly Preston's husband is John Travolta

Kelly Preston's former partners:

Kelly Preston had a relationship with George Clooney Kelly Preston is the former fiance of Charlie Sheen Kelly Preston's former husband is Kevin Gage

Kelly Preston's in laws:

Kelly Preston's father in law is Salvatore Travolta Kelly Preston's mother in law is Helen Travolta Kelly Preston's brother in law is Joey Travolta Kelly Preston's sister in law is Ellen Travolta Kelly Preston's sister in law is Ann Travolta Kelly Preston's sister in law is Margaret Travolta Kelly Preston's brother in law is Sam Travolta

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