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Claude Francois
Partners of 
Claude Francois

Co-writer of "My Way"
Claude Francois

Claude Francois


39 (approx.)


Feb 1939


11 Mar 1978

Claude Francois Bio Details

Full name

Claude Francois

Also known as





39 (approx.)

Date of birth

Feb 1939

Birth place

Ismailia, Egypt

Date of death:

11 Mar 1978

Place of death

Paris, France



Partners of 
Claude Francois

Sofia Kiukkonen


relationship began circa 2007

Janet Woollacott


married 4 Nov 1960

Claude Francois Children

Claude Francois Partner(s) Other Children

Coco Francois

born 1968, age 48
with Unknown

Marc Francois

born 1969, age 47
with Unknown

Claude Francois Family

Claude Francois's parents:

Claude Francois's father is Aime Francois Claude Francois's mother is Lucia Mazzei

Claude Francois's children:

Claude Francois's son is Coco Francois Claude Francois's son is Marc Francois

Claude Francois's current partners:

Claude Francois had a relationship with Sofia Kiukkonen

Claude Francois's former partners:

Claude Francois's former wife was Janet Woollacott

Claude Francois's former in laws:

Claude Francois's former father in law is Arthur Woollacott Claude Francois's former mother in law is Clarice Burton