Laddie Lucas Bio Details

Full name

Percy Belgrave Lucas





Date of birth

2 Aug 1915

Birth place

Old Clubhouse, Prince's Golf Club, Sandwich, Kent, England, UK

Date of death:

20 Mar 1998

Place of death

Chelsea, London, England, UK


Cambridge University: Pembroke College, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England, United Kingdom

Stowe School, Stowe, Buckinghamshire, England, United Kingdom

Laddie Lucas

British WWII fighter pilot and MP.
Laddie Lucas

Relationship History

Jill Lucas



Laddie Lucas Family

Laddie Lucas's parents:

Laddie Lucas's father was Percy Lucas

Laddie Lucas's current partners:

Laddie Lucas's wife was Jill Lucas

Laddie Lucas's in laws:

Laddie Lucas's brother in law-by-marriage was Douglas Bader Laddie Lucas's brother in law was John Addison Laddie Lucas's father in law is Arthur Addison Laddie Lucas's mother in law was Olive Addison Laddie Lucas's grandfather in law is G W Addison Laddie Lucas's half-sister in law was Thelma Bader Laddie Lucas's sister in law-by-marriage is Pamela Addison