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John Addison
Partner of 
John Addison

Oscar winning film composer
John Addison

John Mervyn Addison




16 Mar 1920


7 Dec 1998

John Addison Bio Details

Full name

John Mervyn Addison





Date of birth

16 Mar 1920

Birth place

Chobham, Surrey, England, UK

Date of death:

7 Dec 1998

Place of death

Bennington, Vermont, USA


Film Composer


Wellington College, Crowthorne, Berkshire, England, United Kingdom (1934)

Royal College of Music, London, England, United Kingdom (1937 - 1939)

Composed music for Reach For The Sky, Tom Jones (won an Oscar) and A Bridge Too Far (won a Bafta)
Brother in law of Douglas Bader

John Addison Siblings

Thelma Bader


other parent: Ivo Edwards

Jill Lucas


Partners of 
John Addison

Pamela Addison


4 children together

John Addison Children

John Addison Partner(s) Other Children

Jonathan Addison

with Pamela Addison

Daniel Addison

with Pamela Addison

Lucinda Adison

with Pamela Addison

Jane Addison

died 1998 (bef.)
with Pamela Addison

John Addison Family

John Addison's parents:

John Addison's father is Arthur Addison John Addison's mother was Olive Addison

John Addison's former step-parents:

John Addison's former step-father was Ivo Edwards

John Addison's children:

John Addison's son is Jonathan Addison John Addison's son is Daniel Addison John Addison's daughter is Lucinda Adison John Addison's daughter was Jane Addison

John Addison's current partners:

John Addison's wife was Pamela Addison

John Addison's siblings:

John Addison's half-sister was Thelma Bader John Addison's sister is Jill Lucas

John Addison's grandparents:

John Addison's grandfather is G W Addison