Harold Macmillan Bio Details

Full name

Maurice Harold Macmillan

Also known as

1st Earl Stockton






Date of birth

10 Feb 1894

Birth place

London, England, UK

Date of death:

29 Dec 1986

Place of death

Chelwood Gate, Sussex, Engalnd, UK


British Prime Minster (1957 - 1963)


Eton College, Windsor, Berkshire, England, United Kingdom

Oxford University : Balliol College, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, United Kingdom

Told the British people in 1957 that "they had never had it so good".

Harold Macmillan

British Prime Minister 
10th January 1957 - 19th October 1963 
Harold Macmillan

Relationship History

Dorothy Macmillan


3 children together

1920 - 1966

Harold Macmillan Children

Catherine Amery


Catherine Amery

with Dorothy Macmillan

Daughter of British PM Harold Macmillan

Maurice Macmillan


Maurice Macmillan

with Dorothy Macmillan

Son of British PM Harold MacMillan

Anne Faber


Anne Faber

with Dorothy Macmillan

Daughter of British PM Harold MacMillan

Harold Macmillan Siblings

Daniel Macmillan


Arthur Macmillan


Harold Macmillan Family

Harold Macmillan's parents:

Harold Macmillan's father was Maurice Macmillan Harold Macmillan's mother was Nellie Macmillan

Harold Macmillan's children:

Harold Macmillan's daughter was Catherine Amery Harold Macmillan's son was Maurice Macmillan Harold Macmillan's daughter is Anne Faber

Harold Macmillan's former partners:

Harold Macmillan's former wife was Dorothy Macmillan

Harold Macmillan's siblings:

Harold Macmillan's brother was Daniel Macmillan Harold Macmillan's brother was Arthur Macmillan

Harold Macmillan's grandparents:

Harold Macmillan's grandfather was Joshua Belles Harold Macmillan's grandmother was Julia Belles Harold Macmillan's grandfather was Daniel Macmillan Harold Macmillan's grandmother was Frances Macmillan

Harold Macmillan's grandchildren:

Harold Macmillan's grandson is Alexander Macmillan 2nd Earl Of Stockton

Harold Macmillan's great grandchildren:

Harold Macmillan's great grandson is Dan Macmillan

Harold Macmillan's former in laws:

Harold Macmillan's former daughter in law is Dame Katherine Macmillan, Viscountess Macmillan

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