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Crystal Hefner
Crystal Hefner

Partners of 
Crystal Hefner

Hugh Hefner


31 Dec 2012

Crystal Hefner
Bio Details

Full name

Crystal Hefner

Maiden name

Crystal Harris





Date of birth

Tuesday 29 Apr 1986

Birth place

Lake Havasu City, ArizonaUS Weekly, USA


Playboy Model

Singer (2011)

Crystal Hefner Siblings

Nikki Harris


Melanie Harris


Former Playboy Playmate
The third wife of Hugh Hefner
Crystal Hefner

Crystal Hefner




Tuesday 29 Apr 1986

Crystal Hefner Partner(s) Other Children

Crystal Hefner Children

Christie Hefner

born 1952, age 64
step-child with Hugh Hefner

Daughter of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner

David Hefner

born 1955, age 61
step-child with Hugh Hefner

Eldest son of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner

Marston Hefner

born 1990, age 27
step-child with Hugh Hefner

Second son of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner

Cooper Hefner

born 1991, age 25
step-child with Hugh Hefner

Youngest son of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner


Crystal Hefner Family

Crystal Hefner's parents:

Crystal Hefner's father was Ray Harris Crystal Hefner's mother is Lee Lovitt

Crystal Hefner's children:

Crystal Hefner's step-daughter is Christie Hefner Crystal Hefner's step-son is David Hefner Crystal Hefner's step-son is Marston Hefner Crystal Hefner's step-son is Cooper Hefner

Crystal Hefner's current partners:

Crystal Hefner's husband is Hugh Hefner

Crystal Hefner's siblings:

Crystal Hefner's sister is Nikki Harris Crystal Hefner's sister is Melanie Harris

Crystal Hefner's in laws:

Crystal Hefner's father in law was Glen Hefner Crystal Hefner's mother in law is Grace Hefner Crystal Hefner's grandfather in law was James Hefner Crystal Hefner's grandmother in law was Nina Hefner Crystal Hefner's brother in law is Keith Hefner Crystal Hefner's sister in law-by-marriage is Caya Hefner

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