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Denny Laine
Partners of 
Denny Laine

Member of the rock bands The Moody Blues and Wings
Denny Laine

Brian Hines

Denny Laine
Bio Details

Full name

Brian Hines



Birth place

Birmingham, England, UK




Partners of 
Denny Laine

Jo Jo Laine


2 children together

married 1978
divorce 1982

Catherine James


1 child together

Helen Grant


1 child together

Denny Laine Children

Lucienne Grant

with Helen Grant

Daughter of Wings' and Moody Blues' band member Denny Laine

Damien James

born 1966 (ca.), age 51 (ca.)
with Catherine James

Son of '60s rock chick Chatherine James and Rock Guitarist Denny Laine

Laine Hines

born 1973, age 44 (approx.)
with Jo Jo Laine

Son of Moody Blues' and Wings' Guitarist Denny Laine and Jo Jo Laine

Heidi Jo Hines

born 1974, age 43 (approx.)
with Jo Jo Laine

Daughter of Wings' and Moody Blues' Denny Laine and Jo Jo Laine

Denny Laine Partner(s) Other Children


Denny Laine Family

Denny Laine's children:

Denny Laine's daughter is Lucienne Grant Denny Laine's son is Damien James Denny Laine's son is Laine Hines Denny Laine's daughter is Heidi Jo Hines

Denny Laine's former partners:

Denny Laine's former wife was Jo Jo Laine Denny Laine had a relationship with Catherine James Denny Laine had a relationship with Helen Grant

Denny Laine's grandchildren:

Denny Laine's granddaughter is Jaylie Wayling Denny Laine's grandson is Jesse Wayling

Denny Laine's former in laws:

Denny Laine's former father in law was Philip LaPatrie Denny Laine's former brother in law is Thaddeus LaPatrie

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