Relationship History

Edward Fox OBE


1 child together

marriage 1958
divorce 1961

Tracy Reed Bio Details

Full name

Clare Tracy Compton McCabe

Maiden name

Clare Tracy Compton Pelissier

Also known as

Clare Tracy Compton Fox

Clare Tracy Compton Hallett

Clare Tracy Compton Simpson

Tracey Reed





Date of birth

21 Sep 1942

Birth place

London, United Kingdom

Date of death:

2 May 2012

Cause of death

Liver Cancer



Tracy Reed Children

Lucy Preston


Lucy Preston

with Edward Fox OBE

Tracy Reed Family

Tracy Reed's parents:

Tracy Reed's father was Anthony Pellissier Tracy Reed's mother was Penelope Reed

Tracy Reed's children:

Tracy Reed's daughter is Lucy Preston

Tracy Reed's former partners:

Tracy Reed's former husband is Edward Fox OBE

Tracy Reed's grandchildren:

Tracy Reed's grandson is Harry Grenfell

Tracy Reed's in laws:

Tracy Reed's son in law is 17th Viscount Gormanston

Tracy Reed's former in laws:

Tracy Reed's former brother in law is James Fox Tracy Reed's former father in law was Robin Fox Tracy Reed's former brother in law is Robert Fox Tracy Reed's former mother in law was Angela Fox Tracy Reed's former grandfather in law was Frederick Lonsdale Tracy Reed's former son in law is David Grenfell