Michael Flatley Bio Details

Full name

Michael Flatley

Also known as

Lord Of The Dance





Date of birth

16 Jul 1958

Birth place

Chicago, Illinois, USA



Construction Worker


Michael has bought CastleHyde, a majestic four storey mansion in Co. Cork, Ireland, costing 4 million euros to buy and ten times that to restore. It was the president of Irelands home, Douglas Hyde's 15 years ago. At the time Michael lived in London on the canal in Little Venice in Lillie Langtry's house. He also owns houses in Barbados and on the French Riviera.
Michael became the world's highest paid dancer with legs insured for $40m.
Michael's wife Niamh performed behind him during the Eurovision interval 20 years ago.

Michael Flatley

Creator of Riverdance
Michael Flatley

Relationship History

Niamh Flatley


1 child together

Oct 2006

Lisa Murphy

Broken Engagement

engaged from 1999
until Feb 2006

Kelley Byrne


affair from about 1996
until about 1996

Beata Dziaba


marriage 1986
divorce 1996

Michael Flatley Children

Michael Flatley


Michael Flatley

with Niamh Flatley

Michael Flatley Family

Michael Flatley's parents:

Michael Flatley's father is Michael Flatley Michael Flatley's mother is Eilish Flately

Michael Flatley's children:

Michael Flatley's son is Michael Flatley

Michael Flatley's current partners:

Michael Flatley's wife is Niamh Flatley

Michael Flatley's former partners:

Michael Flatley is the former fiance of Lisa Murphy Michael Flatley had an affair with Kelley Byrne Michael Flatley's former wife is Beata Dziaba

Michael Flatley's grandparents:

Michael Flatley's grandmother is Hannah Ryan