Mark Ronson Bio Details

Full name

Mark Daniel Ronson





Date of birth

4 Sep 1975

Birth place

Wellington Hospital, St John's Wood, London, England, UK



Music Producer


Record Company Owner


Collegiate School, New York City, United States

Mark DJ'd at Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes's wedding
Runs record label Allido with Rich Kleiman

Grammy Awards

2008 - Producer of the Year
2008 - Best Pop Album - Back To Black
2008 - Best Record - Rehab

Brit Awards

2008 - Best British Male Solo Artist
2015 - Best British Single - Uptown Funk

Mark Ronson

British Musician and Producer
Mark Ronson

Relationship History

Josephine De La Baume


3 Sep 2011

Daisy Lowe


relationship began Jul 2008
until Sep 2008

Rashida Jones

Broken Engagement

engaged from Mar 2003

Professional Partners

Alex Greenwald

Professional Working Relationship

working together from 2007

Mark Ronson Siblings

Charlotte Ronson


Samantha Ronson


Annabelle Dexter Jones


other parent: Mick Jones

Alexander Dexter Jones


other parent: Mick Jones

Mark Ronson Family

Mark Ronson's parents:

Mark Ronson's father is Laurence Ronson Mark Ronson's mother is Ann Dexter Jones

Mark Ronson's former step-parents:

Mark Ronson's former step-father is Mick Jones

Mark Ronson's current partners:

Mark Ronson's wife is Josephine De La Baume

Mark Ronson's former partners:

Mark Ronson had a relationship with Daisy Lowe Mark Ronson is the former fiance of Rashida Jones

Mark Ronson's siblings:

Mark Ronson's sister is Samantha Ronson Mark Ronson's sister is Charlotte Ronson Mark Ronson's half-sister is Annabelle Dexter Jones Mark Ronson's half-brother is Alexander Dexter Jones

Mark Ronson's grandparents:

Mark Ronson's grandfather is Frederick Dexter Mark Ronson's grandmother was Judith Dexter Mark Ronson's grandfather is Henry Ronson Mark Ronson's grandmother was Sarah Ronson

Mark Ronson's great grandparents:

Mark Ronson's great grandfather was Louis Raine Mark Ronson's great grandmother is Khaia Raine Mark Ronson's great grandfather is Maurice Aaronson Mark Ronson's great grandmother is Betty Aaronson

Mark Ronson's uncles and aunts:

Mark Ronson's uncle is Gerald Ronson CBE Mark Ronson's aunt-by-marriage is Gail Ronson

Mark Ronson's cousins:

Mark Ronson's cousin is Lisa Althasen Mark Ronson's cousin is Amanda Ronson Mark Ronson's cousin is Nicole Ronson Mark Ronson's cousin is Hayley Ronson

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