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Peter Davison
Partners of 
Peter Davison

Peter Davison

Peter Malcolm Gordon Moffett




13 Apr 1951

Peter Davison Bio Details

Full name

Peter Malcolm Gordon Moffett





Date of birth

13 Apr 1951

Birth place

Streatham, London, UK


Actor (1972)


Central School of Speech and Drama, London, England, United Kingdom (Finished 1972)

Musical Doctor

Davison, along with his then wife Sandra Dickinson, composed the theme tune for the children's TV programme Button Moon.

Peter Davison Siblings

Barbara Moffett


Shirley Moffett


Pamela Moffett


Partners of 
Peter Davison

Elizabeth Morton


2 children together


Sandra Dickinson


1 child together

married 26 Dec 1978
divorce 1994

Peter Davison Children

Peter Davison Partner(s) Other Children

Georgia Tennant

born 1984, age 32
with Sandra Dickinson

Louis Moffett

born 1999, age 18 (approx.)
with Elizabeth Morton

Joel Moffett

born 2001, age 15 (approx.)
with Elizabeth Morton

Peter Davison Family

Peter Davison's parents:

Peter Davison's father is Claude Moffett Peter Davison's mother is Sheila Moffett

Peter Davison's children:

Peter Davison's daughter is Georgia Tennant Peter Davison's daughter is Louis Moffett Peter Davison's daughter is Joel Moffett

Peter Davison's current partners:

Peter Davison's wife is Elizabeth Morton

Peter Davison's former partners:

Peter Davison's former wife is Sandra Dickinson

Peter Davison's siblings:

Peter Davison's brother is Barbara Moffett Peter Davison's sister is Shirley Moffett Peter Davison's sister is Pamela Moffett

Peter Davison's grandchildren:

Peter Davison's grandson is Tyler Tennant Peter Davison's granddaughter is Olive Tennant Peter Davison's grandson is Wilfred Tennant Peter Davison's granddaughter is Baby Tennant

Peter Davison's in laws:

Peter Davison's son in law is David Tennant

Peter Davison's former in laws:

Peter Davison's former father in law is Harold Searles Peter Davison's former mother in law is Sylvia Searles

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