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Patrick Troughton
Partners of 
Patrick Troughton

Played the second Dr. Who
Patrick Troughton

Patrick George Troughton




Thursday 25 Mar 1920


28 Mar 1987

Patrick Troughton
Bio Details

Full name

Patrick George Troughton





Date of birth

Thursday 25 Mar 1920

Birth place

London, United Kingdom

Date of death:

28 Mar 1987

Place of death

Columbus, Georgia, USA


Actor (Finished 1987)


Embassy School of Acting, London, United Kingdom

Leighton Rollin's Studio for Actors, Long Island, New York, United States

A First For Patrick

Patrick Toughton played the first character to be murdered in the television series Inspector Morse which began in 1987.

Partners of 
Patrick Troughton

Bunny Troughton


3 children together

partners from about 1955

Margaret Troughton


3 children together

divorce about 1955

Patrick Troughton Children

Joanna Troughton

born 1947, age 69
with Margaret Troughton

David Troughton

born 1950, age 67 (approx.)
with Margaret Troughton

Jane Troughton

born 1955 (ca.), age 62 (ca.)
with Bunny Troughton

Michael Troughton

born 1955, age 62 (approx.)
with Margaret Troughton

Peter Troughton

born 1956 (ca.), age 61 (ca.)
with Bunny Troughton

Mark Troughton

born 1960, age 57 (approx.)
with Bunny Troughton

Patrick Troughton Partner(s) Other Children


Patrick Troughton Family

Patrick Troughton's children:

Patrick Troughton's daughter is Joanna Troughton Patrick Troughton's son is David Troughton Patrick Troughton's daughter is Jane Troughton Patrick Troughton's son is Michael Troughton Patrick Troughton's son is Peter Troughton Patrick Troughton's son is Mark Troughton

Patrick Troughton's former partners:

Patrick Troughton was a partner of Bunny Troughton Patrick Troughton's former wife is Margaret Troughton

Patrick Troughton's grandchildren:

Patrick Troughton's grandson is Harry Melling Patrick Troughton's grandson is Sam Troughton Patrick Troughton's grandson is Jim Troughton Patrick Troughton's grandson is Wigsy Troughton

Patrick Troughton's great grandchildren:

Patrick Troughton's great grandson is Finlay Troughton Patrick Troughton's great granddaughter is Eva Troughton

Patrick Troughton's in laws:

Patrick Troughton's daughter in law is Alison Troughton

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