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Gerard Depardieu
Partners of 
Gerard Depardieu

Legendary French Actor
Gerard Depardieu

Gerard Xavier Marcel Depardieu




27 Dec 1948

Gerard Depardieu Bio Details

Full name

Gerard Xavier Marcel Depardieu





Date of birth

27 Dec 1948

Birth place

Chateauroux, Indre, France



Golden Globes

1991 - Best Actor - Green Card

Partners of 
Gerard Depardieu

Carole Bouquet

Broken Engagement

engaged from 2003
until 2005

Elisabeth Depardieu


2 children together

married 19 Feb 1971
divorce 2 Nov 1996

Karine Silla


1 child together

Gerard Depardieu Children

Gerard Depardieu Partner(s) Other Children

Guillaume Depardieu

born 1971, died 2008, age 37
with Elisabeth Depardieu

Julie Depardieu

born 1973, age 43
with Elisabeth Depardieu

Roxanne Depardieu

born 1992, age 25
with Karine Silla

Gerard Depardieu Family

Gerard Depardieu's parents:

Gerard Depardieu's father is Rene Depardieu Gerard Depardieu's mother is Anne Depardieu

Gerard Depardieu's children:

Gerard Depardieu's son was Guillaume Depardieu Gerard Depardieu's daughter is Julie Depardieu Gerard Depardieu's daughter is Roxanne Depardieu

Gerard Depardieu's former partners:

Gerard Depardieu is the former fiance of Carole Bouquet Gerard Depardieu's former wife is Elisabeth Depardieu Gerard Depardieu had a relationship with Karine Silla

Gerard Depardieu's grandchildren:

Gerard Depardieu's granddaughter is Louise Depardieu Gerard Depardieu's grandson is Billy Katerine Gerard Depardieu's grandson is Alfred Katerine

Gerard Depardieu's in laws:

Gerard Depardieu's daughter in law is Elise Ventre

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