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Partners of 
Kari-Ann Jagger
Kari-Ann Jagger

Partners of 
Kari-Ann Jagger

Chris Jagger


2 children together

Feb 1981

Rufus Potts Dawson


2 children together

married Nov 1970
divorce before 1981

Kari-Ann Jagger Bio Details

Full name

Kari-Ann Jagger

Maiden name

Kari-Ann Moller

Also known as

Kari-Ann Potts Dawson





Date of birth

17 Dec 1947

Birth place




Cover girl on Roxy Music's first album
Kari-Ann Jagger

Kari-Ann Jagger




17 Dec 1947

Kari-Ann Jagger Partner(s) Other Children

Kari-Ann Jagger Children

Arthur Potts Dawson

born 1971, age 46 (approx.)
with Rufus Potts Dawson

Julian Potts Dawson

born 1973, age 43 (approx.)
with Rufus Potts Dawson

John Jagger

born 1979, age 38 (approx.)
with Chris Jagger

Robert Jagger

born 1982, age 35 (approx.)
with Chris Jagger

Demetri Jagger

born 1972, age 45 (approx.)
step-child with Chris Jagger

Kari-Ann Jagger Family

Kari-Ann Jagger's children:

Kari-Ann Jagger's son is Arthur Potts Dawson Kari-Ann Jagger's son is Julian Potts Dawson Kari-Ann Jagger's son is John Jagger Kari-Ann Jagger's son is Robert Jagger Kari-Ann Jagger's step-son is Demetri Jagger

Kari-Ann Jagger's current partners:

Kari-Ann Jagger's husband is Chris Jagger

Kari-Ann Jagger's former partners:

Kari-Ann Jagger's former husband is Rufus Potts Dawson

Kari-Ann Jagger's in laws:

Kari-Ann Jagger's brother in law is Sir Mick Jagger Kari-Ann Jagger's father in law was Joe Jagger Kari-Ann Jagger's mother in law was Eva Jagger Kari-Ann Jagger's grandfather in law is David Jagger Kari-Ann Jagger's grandmother in law is Harriett Jagger Kari-Ann Jagger's grandfather in law was Alfred Scutts Kari-Ann Jagger's grandmother in law was Gertrude Scutts