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Jack Osbourne
Partners of 
Jack Osbourne

Son of Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne
Jack Osbourne

Jack Joseph Osbourne




8 Nov 1985

Jack Osbourne Bio Details

Full name

Jack Joseph Osbourne





Date of birth

8 Nov 1985

Birth place

St John's Wood, London, UK


Reality TV Personality

Jack Osbourne Siblings

Jessica Osbourne


other parent: Thelma Mayfair

Louis Osbourne


other parent: Thelma Mayfair

Aimee Osbourne


Kelly Osbourne


Partners of 
Jack Osbourne

Relationship History

Lisa Osbourne


2 children together

9 Oct 2012

Professional Partners

Cheryl Burke

Dancing with the Stars Partner

danced together from 16 Sep 2013
until 26 Nov 2013

Jack Osbourne Children

Jack Osbourne Partner(s) Other Children

Pearl Osbourne

born 2012, age 4
with Lisa Osbourne

Andy Osbourne

born 2015, age 1
with Lisa Osbourne

Jack Osbourne Family

Jack Osbourne's parents:

Jack Osbourne's father is Ozzy Osbourne Jack Osbourne's mother is Sharon Osbourne

Jack Osbourne's former step-parents:

Jack Osbourne's former step-mother is Thelma Mayfair

Jack Osbourne's children:

Jack Osbourne's daughter is Pearl Osbourne Jack Osbourne's daughter is Andy Osbourne

Jack Osbourne's current partners:

Jack Osbourne's wife is Lisa Osbourne

Jack Osbourne's siblings:

Jack Osbourne's sister is Aimee Osbourne Jack Osbourne's sister is Kelly Osbourne Jack Osbourne's half-sister is Jessica Osbourne Jack Osbourne's half-brother is Louis Osbourne

Jack Osbourne's grandparents:

Jack Osbourne's grandfather was Don Arden Jack Osbourne's grandmother was Hope Arden

Jack Osbourne's great grandparents:

Jack Osbourne's great grandfather is Lazarus Levy Jack Osbourne's great grandmother is Sally Levy

Jack Osbourne's uncles and aunts:

Jack Osbourne's uncle is David Arden

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