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Partners of 
Vogue Williams
Vogue Williams

Partners of 
Vogue Williams

Spencer Matthews

Rumoured Romance

allegedly dating from Feb 2017

Laurence Fox


dating from Nov 2016

Brian McFadden


married 2 Sep 2012
separated Jul 2015

Vogue Williams
Bio Details

Vogue Williams Siblings

Alison Williams


other parent: First-wife-of Frederick Williams

Frederick Williams


Amber Williams


Alexander Wilson


other parent: Neil Wilson

TV Personality
Former wife of Brian McFadden
Vogue Williams

Vogue Williams




Thursday 03 Oct 1985


Vogue Williams Family

Vogue Williams's parents:

Vogue Williams's father was Freddie Williams Vogue Williams's mother is Sandra Wilson Vogue Williams's step-father is Neil Wilson

Vogue Williams's former step-parents:

Vogue Williams's former step-mother is First-wife-of Frederick Williams

Vogue Williams's current partners:

Vogue Williams is rumoured to have a romance with Spencer Matthews

Vogue Williams's former partners:

Vogue Williams's former husband is Brian McFadden Vogue Williams was dating Laurence Fox

Vogue Williams's siblings:

Vogue Williams's half-sister is Alison Williams Vogue Williams's brother is Frederick Williams Vogue Williams's sister is Amber Williams Vogue Williams's half-brother is Alexander Wilson

Vogue Williams's former in laws:

Vogue Williams's former father in law is Brendan McFadden Vogue Williams's former mother in law is Mairead McFadden Vogue Williams's former sister in law is Susan McFadden

Vogue Williams FameChain Links

The Jump - Series 4 - 2017


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