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Partners of 
Bebe Buell
Bebe Buell

Partners of 
Bebe Buell

Sir Rod Stewart CBE


dated from Nov 1977
until about Mar 1978

Steve Tyler


1 child together

affair from about 1976
until about 1976

Jimmy Page


relationship began about 1975

Todd Rundgren


3 children together

relationship began about 1971
until about 1979

David Bowie

Alleged Affair

1971 (ca.)

Sir Mick Jagger

Alleged Affair

1971 (ca.)

Bebe Buell Bio Details

Full name

Beverle Lorence Buell





Date of birth

14 Jul 1953

Birth place

Portsmouth, Virginia, USA


Playboy Model (1977 (ca.))

Rock Groupie
Bebe Buell

Beverle Lorence Buell




14 Jul 1953

Bebe Buell Partner(s) Other Children

Bebe Buell Children

Liv Tyler

born 1977, age 39
with Steve Tyler

Hollywood actress and daughter of Steve Tyler

Rex Rundgren

born 1981, age 36 (approx.)
with Todd Rundgren

Randy Rundgren

born 1986, age 31 (approx.)
with Todd Rundgren

Rebop Rundgren

born 1992, age 25 (approx.)
with Todd Rundgren

Bebe Buell Family

Bebe Buell's parents:

Bebe Buell's father is Harold Buell Bebe Buell's mother is Dorothea Johnson

Bebe Buell's children:

Bebe Buell's daughter is Liv Tyler Bebe Buell's son is Rex Rundgren Bebe Buell's son is Randy Rundgren Bebe Buell's son is Rebop Rundgren

Bebe Buell's former partners:

Bebe Buell allegedly had an affair with Sir Mick Jagger Bebe Buell dated Sir Rod Stewart CBE Bebe Buell allegedly had an affair with David Bowie Bebe Buell had an affair with Steve Tyler Bebe Buell had a relationship with Jimmy Page Bebe Buell had a relationship with Todd Rundgren

Bebe Buell's grandchildren:

Bebe Buell's grandson is Milo Langdon Bebe Buell's grandson is Sailor Gardner Bebe Buell's granddaughter is Lula Gardner

Bebe Buell's former in laws:

Bebe Buell's former son in law is Royston Langdon